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    The following is an Agreement between yourselves (hereinafter referred to as the “Advertiser”) and Abrams Advertising LLC (owner of
    These General Terms of Sale apply to the sale by Abrams Advertising LLC of advertising space on its website, subject to the special terms of sale set forth in the purchase order as approved by the Advertiser (hereinafter referred to as the “Purchase Order”). These General Terms of Sale shall take precedence over any or all other general terms (of purchasing or others) which may be established by the Advertiser.
    This Agreement is entered into for the term set forth in the Purchase Order, duly signed by the Parties. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms set forth.
    3-Technical and Financial Terms
    3.1 Listings & Advertisments shall be displayed during the whole term of the Agreement and, according to the Customer’s request, as set forth in the Purchase Order. 3.2 Periodically, Abrams Advertising LLC shall send statistics summarizing the number of hits for each advertising product posted on the website. The information shall be presented separately for each market. 3.2 Where applicable, the specific technical terms and conditions for each single appearance of an advertisement shall be set forth in the Purchase Order.
    4-Intellectual property
    4.1 The Advertiser shall be personally responsible for acquiring all the rights of use, operation, reproduction, representation, adaptation, circulation and, more generally, all the intellectual property rights relating to the elements appearing on the website. Under no circumstances shall Abrams Advertising LLC be held liable in the event that the Advertiser should fail to comply with this obligation. 4.2 The Advertiser hereby grants to Abrams Advertising LLC,the right to use its advertising products (logos, buttons, banners, pop-ups…), its trademarks, service marks… so as to display the Advertiser’s advertisement(s) and the hypertext link(s) to the Advertiser’s own website.
    The Agreement may be terminated automatically, and without notice, by either Party in the event that the other Party were to seriously breach any of its obligations.
    6.1 Under no circumstances shall Abrams Advertising LLC be held liable for loss related, in particular, to the following circumstances: interrupted access to the website, technical malfunctioning of the Customer’s website, interruption of the service as regards the on-lining of the advertising product… 6.2 Under no circumstances shall Abrams Advertising LLC be held liable for loss relating to use of the Internet network, in particular, an interruption of the service, an outside intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.... 6.3 Exceptionally, Abrams Advertising LLC reserves the right to briefly suspend access to its website so as to carry out any or all maintenance or update work in order to ensure the due and proper operation of said website. The consequential technical incidents or interruptions shall not give rise to any or all compensation or discount.
    7-Governing law and jurisdiction
    7.1 These General Terms of Sale are governed by State of Colorado. 7.2 In the event of a dispute, and in the absence of an out-of-court settlement between the Parties, the State of Colorado shall have jurisdiction.
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