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The mountains don’t take reservations and you never need advance tickets. Most of the major events in and around Montrose share that same relaxed and welcoming high-country spirit. You’ll find small town charm with big-ticket attractions all year long in and around Montrose.

Relax with award-wining microbrews and world-class blues during September’s Blues and Brews festival in nearby Telluride. Enjoy huge country headliners and the quaint neighborly fun of the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival in August. Bundle up in January for the Ouray Ice Festival while the country’s top competitors claw their way up to the top of the ice-climbing pack. Rock out while keeping it positive as the biggest names in Christian music descend on the area for the two-day Night Vision Festival in July.

With Montrose as your hub, you’re never far away from an unforgettable mountaintop event.

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