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Olathe Sweet Corn Festival

Once a year during the first weekend in August, the small town of Olathe, 10 miles north of Montrose, hosts over 20,000 visitors for the Sweet Corn Festival. All day (and most of the night) entertainment is provided, as well as vendors selling everything from peaches and ice cream to gift items, and of course, all the famous Olathe sweet corn you can eat.

The first festival was on a rainy day in August 1992. And guess what? More than 800 people showed up. Nowadays about 20,000 people come to the festival. And you know what they get to do? Eat all the sweet corn they want. In 1999, participants ate 70,000 ears of “Olathe Sweet” donated by the growers. Can you imagine how many people there were to eat that many ears of corn?

Call 323-6006 for more information!

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