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I met one of my best friends here in Montrose, Colorado. She grew up in California, but we instantly hit it off because of her sense of adventure. I didn’t hesitate to invite her camping up Kinikin Road. On top of the mesa, we found amazing views, dirt roads, small lakes and great places to camp.

Halfway to camp, she turned and looked at me, with a worried expression, and asked if there were really bears up there. I laughed feeling no need to feed her already heightened fears. On the first turn up the steep hill, she let out a yelp. She screamed, “This truck is going to fall apart with all the bumps in the road! Are we even supposed to be driving on it?” I had grown up bouncing around in a truck and thought nothing of the steep grade and sharp turns! She cried out around every corner in fear that we would fall off. She almost jumped into my lap when she saw a cow in the road. She thought they would bite her through the window!

After we arrived, I let her calm down as the rest of our group started setting up tents. She was so exhausted from the short thirty minute ride I figured I would do it myself. She was munching on some food in no time when I heard her say, “Seriously! bears!” She ran over to me and said we needed to go home. I explained that there are bears and deer and all sorts of animals everywhere in Colorado at all times. As long as we kept all of our food stored away and didn’t leave it out, we should be fine.

During the rest of the trip, she was a real trooper. We took four-wheelers all over Kinikin driving as fast as we could around narrow dirt roads, admiring the trees and smells of the forest as we zipped by. We caught two very small fish, which she thought was quite a feat. The trip ended in a night of singing songs around the campfire. That morning we rinsed our hands off in the water and I knew that she and I were gonna have a blast teaching each other the greatest lessons in life. I’d teach her about Colorado and how beautiful girls are the best outdoorsmen. She’d teach me what real courage and adventurous spirit looks like!

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