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Dining Abroad in Montrose

If you are looking for a real lunch or dinner treat, visit Nepal Restaurant, located on the downtown corner of East Main street, and Uncompahgre Avenue in Montrose. Now don’t be fooled by the modest decor surrounding you, as you will be waited on in true eastern style hospitality, and enjoy some of the most enlivening, rich flavors known to man. The food is not spicy, it’s spiced. If you are into culinary experiences of [...]

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Hungry?  The dining scene in Montrose, Colorado is an eclectic combination of local flair coupled with influences from around the world.

dining 2Begin by wandering the beautiful local streets and it is only steps until you discover that which your heart desires.  If you are looking for something familiar, Montrose is home to a wide assortment of all the national, well known chains and franchises.  From fast food to dine in, carry out or even car side to-go, Montrose has it all.

However, here in Montrose those who venture out with an open-mind and open-mouth will find themselves deliciously fulfilled by the wide range of local fare available.
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Take the 5 minute bike ride to one of our many American restaurants if  you hunger for the classicburger and fries.  Or, if you prefer to venture overseas, take a stroll around the block to Thailand, Italy, China, even Japan, France or Napal and delve into foreign delights here at home.  Just make sure you pack light because you are going toneed plenty of room for all that is offered. Of course, if you would like to stay closer to home, you can always go south of the border and enjoy any of your latin favorites.  Really there is no type of craving that can go unsuppressed with the amazing assortment of cuisine available here in Montrose, Colorado.

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