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Four Wheeling

With 65 miles of connected 4-wheeling trails, the Alpine Loop offer 2 passes over 12,000 feet. High clearance required!


The Gunnison River in the Black Canyon boats Gold Medal and Wild Trout Waters. Blue Mesa Reservoir yields Kokanee Salmon and the largest trout in Colorado.


Trails of all levels and lengths bring hikers to stunning waterfalls, mountain lakes, meadows, mines, and 14,000-foot summits.


Surrounded by Unmatched Outdoor Recreation!

Backpacking the San Juans

I lost 10 pounds in four days while eating everything I could get my hands on! No, I’m not talking about Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or P90X. I wasn’t on a diet at all, and I didn’t start a new workout regimen. I shed the weight by going on the most incredible backpacking trip I’ve ever experienced. My brother-in-law and nephew from Arkansas joined me for a 4-day high-elevation hike that put us deep into [...]

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Black Canyon National Park Eureka! Montrose was first founded by miners and mountaineers supporting the search for precious minerals. While only a few mines are still operating, the treasure of the San Juan Mountains still draws visitors from all over the world.  Montrose is literally surrounded by outdoor adventure. The San Juan Mountains to the south provide some of the most-photographed views published throughout the United States. Only 30 minutes to the north, you can visit the Grand Mesa—the largest flat-top mountain in the nation. Blue Mesa—the largest body of water in Colorado—offers amazing fishing just 40 miles to the east. The Uncompahgre Plateau provides world-class hunting just to the west of town.  Montrose truly is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. In one hour or less you can find unending options for nearly every outdoor adventure.


Outdoor recreation in Montrose is more rugged, isolated, and beautiful than in most of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Start in Montrose to find yourself alone in some of the most stunning natural beauty in the nation.

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