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posted on April 4, 2012 —

The 4th of July with “The Wild Bunch”




Things To Do

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Written By: Perry Reed @ 7:15 pm

The Wild Bunch 4 Wheel Drive Club is a group of people dedicated to fun and adventure. This year over the 4th of July, we entered the Ouray parade with 9 members. Afterward, we took a trail ride up Engineer Pass to Animas Forks and back over California Pass, down Poughkeepsie Gulch and back to Ouray to enjoy the fireworks display.
Engineer Pass is part of the Alpine Loop, that runs from Ouray to Lake City [...]

posted on December 18, 2009 —

New Comer




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Written By: Katherine Mull @ 11:59 pm

I met one of my best friends here in Montrose, Colorado. She grew up in California, but we instantly hit it off because of her sense of adventure. I didn’t hesitate to invite her camping up Kinikin Road. On top of the mesa, we found amazing views, dirt roads, small lakes and great places to camp.
Halfway to camp, she turned and looked at me, with a worried expression, and asked if there were really bears [...]

posted on December 14, 2009 —

Grand Mesa Adventures



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Written By: Danielle Kissner @ 1:12 pm

he Grand Mesa is just a short distance from Montrose, Colorado. The drive alone is spectacular as you make the climb up from 6,000 feet elevation in Cedaredge. You end at 10,000 feet on top of the Grand Mesa–the world’s largest flattop mountain. Highway 65 is a scenic byway that starts in Delta, Colorado and runs over the Grand Mesa. From there you can follow Plateau Creek to Grand Junction, Colorado. This scenic byway is [...]

posted on December 12, 2009 —

Backpacking the San Juans

I lost 10 pounds in four days while eating everything I could get my hands on! No, I’m not talking about Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or P90X. I wasn’t on a diet at all, and I didn’t start a new workout regimen. I shed the weight by going on the most incredible backpacking trip I’ve ever experienced. My brother-in-law and nephew from Arkansas joined me for a 4-day high-elevation hike that put us deep into [...]

posted on November 24, 2009 —

Telluride Prepares to Host Snowboard World Cup



Winter Activities

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Written By: Josh Freed @ 3:47 pm

Telluride Ski Resort
Telluride, CO – Colorado’s Telluride Ski Resort is the newest U.S. home for World Cup snowboarding with the Visa U.S. Snowboardcross Cup Dec. 17-20, 2009. Telluride is the sole U.S. stop of the LG sponsored FIS (International Ski Federation) Snowboard World Cup this season and will feature both SBX (snowboardcross) and PGS (parallel giant slalom) competitions during the second in a series of five Olympic qualification events for the two disciplines.
With snowmaking in [...]

Snow Would be Nice


Live Feeds

Status Update

Winter Activities

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Written By: Josh Freed @ 12:07 pm

Anyone know any good snow dances?

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